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 [3.20.2010]NPCs updated

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PostSubject: [3.20.2010]NPCs updated   Wed Mar 31, 2010 12:11 am

NPCs change log :


black dragon set added
dark phoenix set added
great dragon set added
dragon knight set added

guardian set added
divine set added
red spirit set added
sylphid ray set added

Shpinx set added
grand soul set added
dark soul set added
venom mist set added

adamantine set added
dark steel set added
dark master set added
sunlight armor set added

storm crow set added
thunder hawk set added
hurricane set added
volcano set added

Moss merchant
daybreaker added
blade of fire added
lord scepter added
kundun staff added
bill of balrog added
dragon spear added

Lurmen the barmaid

box of kundun+1
box of kundun+2
(please do not make drop at town lorencia,noria,devias,atlans,losttower , it may spike the server,thank for your co-operation)


seeds spear removed
seed spear(empty) added
rings added
pendants added
lower refining stone
level2 wing added


Marry NPC
loch's feather added

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[3.20.2010]NPCs updated
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